About Us

etc group is an award winning, private, minority-owned, company founded by Debbie Frazier in 1993 and built with personal beliefs such as integrity, persistence and creativity in mind. Before evolving into a multi-tiered corporation with several unique business lines, the company focused solely on corporate travel solutions for its initial clients.

Corporate Travel Management

We Manage Your Business Travel

At etc group, we’ve chosen to be the best at managing your business travel.  That means knowing about your business, your people and your goals.  Our experienced owners and consultants are truly vested in going above and beyond to make sure plans, prices and productivity are optimized for you.

Business travel management is a balance between your travelers’ needs and your company’s financial goals. Whether your travelers require the ultimate high-touch service, a completely online solution, VIP services, or experts in international travel, we can provide you with the service and pricing to help you achieve your travel program’s objectives.

We still believe true partnership means you can’t put a price on every service, so we don’t – we help customers help their bottom line.


Global Meetings, Events & Incentives

Whether your company is sourcing an off-site meeting for 10 people or a corporate retreat for 10,000, our experienced specialists can aid in creation and execution of every detail.

Our team is with you every step of the way to assist with every finite element to produce the largest return on your organization’s investment. We provide efficient site selection, contract negotiations, full program development and management, budgeting, travel, synchronized functions, communication to employees, backend billing and custom online registration systems.


Branding Solutions

Your corporate brand is a vital extension of every facet of your business, and etc group is ready to provide unique and one of a kind items to ensure your company resonates with your clients.

Over time, our relationships with top vendors has allowed us the opportunity to fight for aggressive pricing so that you are not spending a fortune to promote your brand. If you are unsure of the product you would like to consider, or even where to start, we are at the ready to assist with samples, examples and hot trending ideas to provide a unique perspective to help you decide.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you into our family.