About Us

etc group is an award winning, private, minority-owned, company founded by Debbie Frazier in 1993 and built with personal beliefs such as integrity, persistence and creativity in mind. Before evolving into a multi-tiered corporation with several unique business lines, the company focused solely on corporate travel solutions for its initial clients.

Understanding the necessity of corporate customers’ needs and assistance for Meetings, Events and Incentives (MEI), as well as Branding Solutions, etc group eventually added an additional business line to service both, allowing them to become an all in one comprehensive solution for many corporations. The in-house staff is proud to provide exceptional “white glove” customer service with a hands on approach to all clients.

In early 2015, etc group launched “every” thing conscious to provide corporate brands a sustainable alternative with regenerated and recycled apparel and textile products. “every” thing conscious is focused on water conservation, sustainability and helping corporations reduce their carbon footprint. Through a patented process, the company is able to regenerate pre-consumer cotton that is produced during the manufacturing process, thus helping solve a major issue with waste management. etc group and “every” thing conscious are dedicated to making a meaningful impact for our future by providing innovative products that help reduce growing environmental concerns.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you into our family.