Our Recognition
Our Recognition


etc group is honored to be recognized for our work, dedication and service to our clients.

Ft. Worth Business Press Rankings from 2008-2014:

  • Top 100 Privately Owned Companies
  • One of the top Event Planners in Tarrant County
  • One of the top Tarrant County Minority-Owned Businesses


Dallas Business Journal Rankings from 2009-2015:

  • 4th Largest Woman Owned Business For 2015
  • One of the Largest Metroplex Event Planners
  • Top 100 Women Owned Companies


National Rankings for 2014:

  • Top 500 Diversity Owned Business in US – ranked 140
  • Top 500 Women Owned Business in US – ranked 47
  • Top 500 Privately Owned Business in US – ranked 57


Texas Rankings for 2014:

  • Top 100 Diversity Owned Business in Texas – ranked 16
We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you into our family.