Account Management
Account Management


etc group is one of the last travel management companies to believe that you cannot put a price on every service. We are committed to offering our clients solutions and programs to help reduce their spend and avoid costs, at no additional fee to you.

We help tailor a very granular program to meet both your company’s needs as well as your traveler’s needs.

An etc group dedicated account manager will work closely with your procurement team to analyze opportunities to decrease your overall Travel T&E spend.  We will report to you regularly on how to best introduce modifications or influence behaviors to achieve reduced expenses. etc group provides:

  • Assistance with development, execution and modifications to your own travel policy geared towards your company’s objectives
    • Audit and continuous support of travel policy
    • Negotiate supplier discounts
    • Management of your soft dollar programs
    • Free consultation services throughout the partnership
  • Detailed reporting and quarterly reviews and present your Return on Investement (ROI) by utlizing etc group
  • If requested, traveler specific surveys to receive feedback on the new travel policy and also how etc group is managing your travelers’ needs

Our travel management team has over 85 years of industry experience, we’re able to negotiate the best rates for our partners and their objectives and will be here for you as we do our own family. We still believe that being a true partner means you can’t put a price on every service, so we don’t – we help our customers help their bottom line.

We look forward to helping you reduce your overall Travel T&E spend.