If tracking your traveler's expenses are important to your business, partnering with etc group is your solution. With over 500 suites of reporting, we will provide you with detailed information at your fingertips.

Because you cannot always wait for the end of the week, month or quarter for reporting, we provide real time data, to the minute, on where each of your traveler's are, how many tickets have been booked and what your total spend is for the month.

etc group manages our business just like you manage yours – very carefully to ensure we save as much as possible. Each report is accessed by etc group’s reporting tool – Grasp Technologies.  It provides instant access to relevant, actionable information, anytime, anywhere. Grasp provides comprehensive and multi-dimensional graphical views of any travel program. You can also create reports to track tickets, lost savings, credit card reconciliation and hundreds of additional items.

etc group expects the best reporting to run our business, and that’s why we offer Grasp to our clients.

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We look forward to helping you reduce your overall Travel T&E spend.